Playing Zone

The new version of the playing zone at runs under any web browser (Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Opera) and does not require installation, so you can play from office.
- Your usernames, ratings, teams - everything is transferred from this playing zone for Windows to the new one for web browser!
- While in the New playing zone, you can still accept challenges and play with users of the ChessOK Playing Zone for Windows!
- Tournaments open for non-members (dozens of tournaments every hour!).
- The old version's chatroom is accessible from the new version! Improved social features (forum, messaging, personal and team chatrooms).
- New and improved design. Board and pieces customization.
The new interface makes it much easier to add pictures, create teams, post on forum, switch between games and tabs.

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Chess courses

More than 40 training courses on chess strategy, tactics, opening, middlegame and endgame, classified by difficulty and availbale in 9 European languages on our new training platform You can subscribe and gain acces to all content available or buy lifelong access to individual courses.
All listed training courses are also available for Android and iOS devices at their respective app stores.

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Chess shop

Chess computers, inventory, programs and books.

Latest news

The ChessPlanet client for Android is published

12/22/2011 4:38 PM


The program is designed to play chess on the ChessPlanet server. The beta-version enables playing chess, taking part in the tournaments (including team tournaments), comunicate in chat etc. All games are saved to the local base and can be viewed. The application can be installed on Android 2.2 devices and newer, supports English and Russian.

Download from Android Market